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United States Patent

Patent No: US 8,471,675 B2
Date of Patent: Jun, 25, 2013

Method for managing lockers remotely

The Tool

GOLOC is simple, fast and only takes 3 steps.

Create Rows of Lockers

Feature used to create virtual lockers exactly like the real rows of lockers in your institution.

Upload Locker Combinations

From an excel sheet you upload the lock combinations associated with the lockers they belong to.

Users Upload

From an excel sheet you upload the lockers users. After uploading the users, they will receive an e-mail allowing then to choose their lockers and enable its use through the website or app.

The Scenario

  • Lockers Problems Installation In The Institution.
  • Spend Much Time Managing Cabinets. Inefficiency Management Core Issues.
Money Saving With The Locker Software Can Reach Up To 90% GOLOC.


Master Lock, a maior fabricante e comerciante de travas e cadeados do mundo. Essa tecnologia náo possui chaves, e sim, segredos, fazendo com que os Locker se qualifiquem na categoria mais atualizada do mercado.


What We Offer

Managers Accompaniment

In real time, through the control panel, the manager analyzes the usage statistics of the cabinets.


The employee can choose their locker without having to contact anyone in the company. For it will see in the system which lockers are available in your block.

Resource Optimization

With our software your company will reduce costs because you could dedicate an employee who previously cared about the administration of cabinets to another area.


GOLOC Through our system, you will see in real time which closet for each employee.

Customization, support and training

Our keen team of developers is open to customizing the GOLOC. We offer specialized support and training to your team if you need it.

State Of The Art Technology


Plans Made For Your Pocket

Our plans have no deployment cost You Can Pay Monthly

Plano Goloc

US$ 0,25 For Each Locker Managed In The Month
  • You Choose The Amount Of Lockers
  • Lock Withkey
  • Padlock Withkey
  • Lock With Password
  • Padlock With Password
  • Minimum Monthly Fee Of US$ 0,25
Trial Free One Month

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